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Пускам го някъде for future reference

Okay, forum games I've heard of:

-Leadership vs. member wars

Count starts at 100
Member posts are worth +1
Leadership posts are worth -1
No double posts
First to 200 or 0 wins

Or a variant based on number/type of forum awards?

-Keyboard Smash

Use your fist to type a number of random letters on your keyboard
Make an acronym out of the letters


First, post how you would corrupt the wish of the poster before you
Then, post your own wish (for the next person to corrupt)


"I wish the world revolved around me."

"Granted, but now you are public enemy #1."
"I wish the Plato would fix the economy module."

"Granted, but the programmers messed up some coding in the process. Now the game glitches."
"I wish more people would respond to this PM thread."

And so on...

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Вице-президент на еБългария lost count;
Аматьор, Вълк и Мечка от класа!
Партия на Независимите Българи ПНБ R.I.P.
бивш президент на еБългария

Оттеглил се в медалеене.
: )

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